Rules for County Finals - Leicestershire Ladies County Indoor BA

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Rules for County Finals

1. Club competition winners are eligible for County Finals.

2.There must be at least 2 entries in the club for each competition that names are submitted for and each team must have played at least ONE game. (This excludes subs).

3. Competitors must be available to play any time during Finals week as decided by the Competition Secretary. Specific requests to play or not play on any particular day are dealt with as sympathetically as possible, but cannot be guaranteed.

4. One substitute is allowed in all team competitions & can play in any position. They cannot play as skip if they come in during a game. The sub. must be a member of the same club as other team members, & not have played in the competition already. The names of the players in the first game are considered to be the team.

5. National & club competitions need not be played from the same club.

6. Finals Competitions to be played under EIBA Rules.  i.e.  21 Shots - Singles.  18 Ends all other competitions, with the proviso that the game must be completed in 3.5 hours excluding trial ends (last jack to be delivered by 3 hours 30 minutes).  No respotting of Jack,

7. Whites and club colours to be worn by all competitors.

8. Club stickers to be used.

9. Umpires will be provided for all games & their decisions are final.  Markers will be supplied for singles games.

10.Trophies will be presented on Presentation Night & finalists are expected to attend.  Any finalists not attending will not receive their trophy or any winnings unless they have previously contacted the Secretary with a valid reason for non- attendance.  All trophies must be returned to the Competition Secretary  before the Finals commence the following year.

The LLCIBA would like to thank all our sponsors for their support.  If anyone would like to sponsor an event, or knows of any firm who might, please contact Treasurer Wendy.

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