Results from Finals - Leicestershire Ladies County Indoor BA

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Results from Finals

Singles Semi Final
Melton (S Lemon) 17; Leicester (J Thake) 21.
Barwell (B Lewis)21 Charnwood (P Stevenson) 5
Singles Final
Barbara Lewis(Barwell) 21:    Joan Thake (Leicester) 3

Pairs Final
Sally-Ann Lewis-Hall,  Barbara Lewis (Barwell) 30;  Mandy Cox,  Rosemary North (Leicester)  12

Prelims Triples
Melton (E Radford) 22:  Barwell (B Lewis) 19.
Charnwood (P Stevenson) 24; Leicester (R North) 20.
Semi final Triples
Melton(Eva Radford) 14; Charnwood (P Stevenson) 15.
Church Gresley( B Lowe) 19 Carlton (S SHarpe)13
Triples Final
Charnwood(Penny Stevenson)10  Church Gresley (B. Lowe) 15

Prelims 2 Wood Pairs
Charnwood (P Stevenson) 18; Melton ( S Lemon) 19.
Semi Final 2 Wood Pairs
Melton (S Lemon) 15;  Leicester (J Martin) 19.
Fnals 2 Wood Pairs
Leicester (J Martin, S Rawnsley) 7; Barwell ( B Lewis and Sally‚ÄďAnn-Lewis-Wall) 27

Semi Final Fours
Melton (E Radford) 17; Leicester (R North) 14
Charnwood (V Brailsford)19; Church Gresley (P Eyre) 18.
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