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Over 60's Double Rink Rules

Leicestershire Women’s Over 60’s LeagueRules

Each affiliated club may enter as many teams as they wish for the season 2018-19. The county committee will then format the league(s) according to the number of entries.

There will be one team promoted and relegated from each league each season.
The position of each team will be determined by the following criteria
• Highest number of points.
• Should points be equal, then league positions will be decided on points difference.

Each team entry shall comprise of women aged 60 years or more on 1st October of the current season.

Leagues will be based on one fixture against opposing teams; either home or away.

All games to be played on the scheduled week, according to the day the home side plays on.
Teams must forward their home day and time to the League Secretary before 10th October 2018

If for any reason the game cannot be played on the said date (County commitments, adverse weather conditions), you MUST inform the League Secretary and re-arrange the game within a month of the said date.

You will still be required to send an email stating the match has been re-arranged and on which date the match will then be played.
The team re-arranging the game shall give three alternative dates ; only one can be an evening or weekend.

League points will be awarded two points for a rink win and one for a draw.

Each team will be required to fulfill ALL league fixtures.

Failure to complete a match means;

• the innocent team will receive two league points and 10 shots in the league table

• the offending team will be responsible for the full rink fees.

The entry form for each team, must have a minimum of 6 players, and maximum of 8 and be with the League Secretary before the start of the season.
The entry form must be accompanied with a remittance of £10 per team, which shall be forwarded to the County Treasurer.
Any player signed on or after the 23rd October, will have their name forwarded to the league secretary. The player will NOT be able to play, until the league secretary has acknowledged receipt, via email, text or telephone.
If any player plays in a team and is not registered, two points and ten shots will be awarded to the opposition.

The match

Each match consists of one rink of four players.

Each game will consist of 18 ends and be restricted to a time limit of 3.50 mins. The time to count from the commencement of two trial ends and terminate of the setting of the final jack. The final jack must be cast from a properly placed mat and be within 3.50 mins from the allotted time.
Skips will toss for the jack, before the game.

Should a team turn out with only three players 25% of their score will be deducted; only six bowls will be allowed.

Dead ends will be replayed, and tied ends will count as an end.

Each club shall make the fixed rink fee of £4.50 per player.

Tea and biscuits shall be provided by the home team, at the end of the game.

The dress code for the league will be grey below the waist and club shirt.

Having completed the match each skip will sign the score card. Match result cards will then be returned to the League Secretary within the next three days. Alternatively a picture of the score card can be sent via email.

Players may only represent one club in any one season.
Should a player have Dual membership, they must notify the league secretary nominating which club they wish to represent in the Over 60’s League.

Leicestershire County Bowls Committee

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