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Midland Counties Fixtures

Midland County WBA News

Next year’s President is Ann Woodhead of Notts., with Chris Woolhead remaining as Secretary and Rosemary Palmer as Treasurer.  
Warwickshire have been unable to nominate a Vice President, but hope to do so before the next meeting.  
The Secretary gave notice that she would be retiring at the end of next season, so nominations would be sought for that.

Main points mentioned at AGM were:-

1. Fixtures – to be at weekends with a start time between 12 noon & 1pm where possible – otherwise by mutual agreement.
2. Games – to remain at 21 ends.
3. Raffles – home teams are entitled to hold raffles at matches.
4. President’s gifts and rink prizes – not to be given at MC games.
5. Drinks – individuals to buy their own.

Date of next Committee Meeting Sunday Oct.7th, 11am and Committee Meeting / AGM Sunday April 28th 2019 10.30/11am, both at Melton IBC.

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