ICL Rules - Leicestershire Ladies County Indoor BA

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ICL Rules

Inter Club
Interclub League Rules
1. Each team consists of 4 rinks of 4 players. If only 3 rinks play the team who can only field the 3 rinks must notify the opposition beforehand and shall forfeit the 4th rink 18 - 0. If a ‘rink’ plays with only 3 players, they shall bowl 6 woods and count their actual score. The minimum number of players a team must put out is 9; i.e.3 ‘rinks’ of 3 & 1 conceded rink.

2.  No change can be made to dates once arranged other than in circumstances over which we have no control – e.g. National Team Competitions, another County or Club commitment, floods, snow drifts, power cuts, coach transport break-downs etc. – in which case the game should be rearranged. If this proves impossible the points will be shared equally, but no shots will be awarded.

3. Any Club that forfeits a game will lose 36 shots and 12 points, and the opposing club will be awarded the 36 shots.

4. The game will consist of 18 ends or 3.5 hours, last jack in accordance with domestic rules. The end in progress when the bell is sounded is the last end of the game whether or not that end is tied. A minimum of 15 ends must be played to constitute a game in cases where there have been unforeseen delays before or during the match.

5. Team captains will toss for jack before the game.

6. Players may only represent one Club, but can play Interleague games for more than one County.  

7. Players may only represent one Club in any given season, however if a player changes their club during the season, they are allowed to play for their new club provided they have not played in the Interclub at their previous Club.
8. In the case of Dual Membership a player can nominate which Club they wish to play Interclub for and which they wish to play their Club Competitions.  This need not necessarily be the same Club.

9. Dress shall be white skirts/trousers with Club tops. Footwear as domestic rules.

10. Completed score cards must be signed by both skips and all cards forwarded by the home team captain to the League Secretary. It is up to the Club’s County Delegate to ensure this is done and to ensure any amendments to these rules or fixtures are passed on to the relevant person or persons in their Club.

11. There will be a total of 12 points awarded per game as follows:-
           4 points for the overall match win; 2 pts each for a drawn match;
           2 points per winning rink; 1 pt each for a drawn rink.  If there is a tied situation at the end of the season the shots difference will be used to determine the winner

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